Storage Tips


Collectibles & Fragile Objects

  • Fyshwick Self Storage suggests separately wrapping individual items. Always avoid placing heavy items on top!
  • We also recommend placing paper on the bottom and on the top of the carton to prevent the box from caving in.
  • All crockery should be backed on their sides.
  • Clearly label fragile items.


  • Dismantling furniture saves space as does stacking chairs seat-to-seat, but Fyshwick Self Storage suggests you place cloth or paper between each seat to make it easier to separate the items at a later time.
  • Place larger items at the base of your storage unit as these provide a good base to put lighter items on.
  • Large items such as couches can be placed on their end to save space but avoid placing heavy items on top.
  • Covering furniture and mattresses is a good idea, especially if being stored for long periods. We stock a range of plastic covers for both furniture and mattresses of all sizes.


The best storage for important documents are Fyshwick Self Storage archive file boxes. Our boxes are strong and built for easy retrieval. The Doc-u-Store system we supply allows easy access to your files while making the best use of your storage space – saving you time and money.


A Porta-Robe is the best way to store your clothes. Fyshwick Self Storage Porta-Robes allow you to store your clothing on hangers which preserves the shape of your garments.

Moving Tips Checklist

  • Ask for final accounts for electricity, gas, telephone etc;
  • Notify your insurance company;
  • Make arrangements for your pets;
  • Cancel all rental agreements;
  • Instruct your solicitor, bank and doctor you are going;
  • Defrost the fridge and freezer;
  • Redirect mail with Australia Post; and
  • Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries.