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Tips on How to Store your belongings Safely

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When storing furniture, be sure to empty all belongings from any cupboards or wardrobes you may be storing. This will stop loose items rolling around and damaging the interior of the furniture. For wooden furniture items, wrap them in soft moving blankets to protect them from scratches and chipping during transit.

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Dishes and Glassware

Wrap all dishes individually, separating and filling them with newspaper or bubble wrap to prevent them from clanging together and breaking during transit, you don’t want to end up with a box of broken glass. Label your boxes to make it easier to locate and unpack your kitchenware later on.

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Technical Devices

The first rule of storing technical devices such as TVs, computers and game consoles is to remove batteries from all remotes to prevent them from leaking and damaging your belongings. Large items such as TVs should be stored upright in boxes, filling all gaps with bubble wrap and sealing the box shut with tape to prevent dust from getting in.

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Make sure you empty and defrost your fridge and freezer before storage and keep the door ajar when storing it upright to avoid smell and mould damage. As items such as fridges, washing machines and dryers are quite bulky and heavy and can be quite easy to drop, cover them in protective blankets to protect them during transit.

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Mirrors and Fragile Items

Mirrors and other fragile items require particular care when transporting and storing. Much like protecting dishes, wrap all fragile belongings such as glass materials and mirrors are protective in bubble wrap or material and fill all gaps with newspaper. Always pack boxes containing fragile items on top of heavier items to prevent breakage.

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Machinery and Mowers

When storing items such as lawn mowers and whipper snippers, thoroughly clean them beforehand, removing all soil and plant matter from the machinery to prevent paint damage and rotting grass matter attracting unwanted pests. Remove all fuel from the tanks as this can be a potential fire hazard.

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